Takealot – SA’s best online store

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Takelot should be the first place you look when shopping online.

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Takealot has been around for some years as Take2, before it was acquired and re-branded in 2011 by US hedge fund Tiger Global. In 2014 Tiger Global bought Mr. Delivery giving them their own logistics network, as well as the fashion website Superbalist.com. I’m pleased to say that I was a customers of Take2 almost from day one, and it is still my go-to store for shopping online.

More recently Takelot merged with the Kalahari, the oldest online store in South Africa. Takealot has 19 categories that carry over 9 million products. Some of their items are drop shipped, meaning that it has to be ordered from a supplier which can mean significant delays in delivery. This is indicated in the product description. The huge amount of items they hold in stock means that this is likely to be for more obscure items.

What you are here to find out is if Takelot is a good place to shop. The answer is an unqualified yes. Therefore no surprise that they were voted South Africa’s favourite eCommerce site for 2015.

It is easy to sign-up for a Takelot account and their ordering process follows the “add to cart” and checkout system, and you can set up multiple delivery profiles. Handy if you want to buy gifts. There are a multitude of payment options including VISA and  Mastercard debit and credit cards. EFT, bank deposits , C.O.D., Discovery, sBucks, eBucks and others. You can get a full list in the FAQ on the site.

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Takelot’s prices compare well with a bricks-and-mortar shop and although they are not cheaper, neither are they more expensive. They are certainly cheaper than some other online stores.

Add in free delivery for orders over R250, (and currently free delivery for items ordered using the mobile app) and its worth it. In fact, even if I am going to look for something in a shop, I usually look it up at Takelot first to get an idea of the cost.

I buy a lot of stuff, espcially computer parts from Takelot rather than a shop, because they have such a wide range of choices, and it comes to my door. Delivery is astonishingly fast and often quicker than promised. I live in Hermanus, and I have never had a problem.

The same goes for returns. They have a 30 days policy on most items and I have returned items on a few occasions with no quibble and they have always given me a credit with no argument. The great part is that, if the return is legitimate, they send a courier to pick it up and they cover the cost of that and of getting the item back to you.


Takelot is a reliable and safe place to shop, and on occasion even a better place to buy stuff than a shop. Delivery is prompt and service is generally good. My only hiccups with them have been delays and the strange way their system of communication works. My only complaint is that when they did mess things up I only got an apology … a voucher would have been nice.

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