Hyperli – The connected marketplace

The curated online marketplace connecting local businesses to local customers. Launched in November 2016 Hyperli features promotions on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy across South Africa in the form of business listings, discounted offerings, and pre-packaged experiences. Hyperli’s stated mission is to create moments of perfect engagement between customers, partner businesses and employees. This is really an new spin, or perhaps an evolution, of the group buying sites we saw a few years ago. Not surprising as Hyperli was founded by former Groupon SA staff members. In line with current trends, although Hyperli has some physical products, it is more about “experiential” products – a tour on a Harley, a special meal, or a day at the Spa.

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Picodi – Get coupon and voucher bargains in one place

Promo Codes and deals for SA’s Online Stores. Picodi.co.za is a coupon code platform and is part of Poland based International Coupons which is the second largest discount platform in the world, with a presence in 26 countries. The aim of Picodi is to help online shoppers find the best deals using online coupon/voucher codes. Most online stores offer discount codes to their clients. Using such codes allows you to purchase items at significantly lower prices. Usually the bigger the purchase, the bigger your savings. Not all codes apply to the price of a product. Some provide other benefits like gifts or a free delivery. Using them you avoid extra costs and this his can lead to significant savings when shopping online.

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