Steers Whacky Wednesday

Not looking forward to your Wednesday?

Steers has a solution.


For many years now, Steers has been making my Wednesday something to look forward to with their “Whacky Wednesday” promotion. Although the price has crept up over the years, it is still excellent value.

With more than 480+ outlets in operation in 16 African countries, Steers has made it’s mark by providing an excellent range of flame-grilled and value-for-money hamburgers.

Steers’ burger range consists of beef and chicken burgers (10% of the menu), all prepared in Steers’ flame-grilled style. The menu also has delicious vegetarian options.

Steers as we know it is today is part of Famous Brands Group Ltd, previously called Steers Holdings Ltd, traces its origins to its founder, George Halamandres. Following a visit to the United States in the 1950’s, Halamandres returned to South Africa to introduce the steakhouse and franchise concepts to this country.

The Franchising Division of Famous Brands comprises Steers, Wimpy, Debonairs Pizza, FishAways, House of Coffees, Brazilian and Whistle Stop. Famous Brands listed on the JSE in 1994.

My kids don’t let me forget that Wednesdays are Steers Burger nights.

Steers facts:

  • Steers processes 3,360 tons of burger patties annually and sells 26.7 million burgers per year
  • On average 150,000 burgers are sold during “Wacky Wednesday” promotions in South Africa.


Visit the Steers website, where you can find the closest outlet, see the specials, or browse the menu.


Visit the Official Steers Facebook page and follow the whackyness!



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  • flytrap May 3, 2012 at 2:13 pm


    I would say you were in the right there. Then again, I have never ordered a Steers Whacky Wednesday special at 2 in the morning. You don’t say if you queried them or spoke to a manager. The SAteers in my home town closes at night and opens around 9 on a Wednesday and I have ordered the special at 11am without a problem. For future reference, the Steers Customer Care Line is 0860 22 55 87.

  • DALE VAN NIEKERK May 2, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Hi there – I travelled from Durban last night on Translux and arrived at Mont Rose (near Harrismith) at 1:40 a.m. I ordered a Steers Beef Burger for R25,95 and only got one…? Was it not “Whacky Wednesday” yet…? Was I not supposed to get two for the price of one?
    Kind regards
    Dale v Niekerk