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Picodi.co.za is a coupon code platform and is part of Poland based International Coupons which is the second largest discount platform in the world, with a presence in 26 countries. The aim of Picodi is to help online shoppers find the best deals using online coupon/voucher codes.

Most online stores offer discount codes to their clients. Using such codes allows you to purchase items at significantly lower prices. Usually the bigger the purchase, the bigger your savings. Not all codes apply to the price of a product. Some provide other benefits like gifts or a free delivery. Using them you avoid extra costs and this his can lead to significant savings when shopping online.

Picodi.co.za works by collecting the latest deals, promotions and codes from South African shopping outlets such as Spree, Takealot, Mantality, Zando, Bidorbuy, Wantitall and more, including travel websites and online supermarkets. This listing is updated on a daily basis. The great thing is that purchases with the use of vouchers, codes etc. can be done both online and in store.

Picodi is free to use and you don’t need to register unless you want to. Alternatively you can choose to sign up with your email to receive their newsletter which includes the latest and most popular offers.

Registering an account has several benefits and be done through Facebook, Google or by filling in a form. An account allows you to create a profile and to add your favourite stores and categories so that you can see all your coupons in one place. You will also have access to exclusive offers, and be able to synchronize your online and in-store coupons between different devices.

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The interface is a confusing and fiddly and it is sometimes not clear what they want you to do, but it took me longer to figure out than it needed to. In reality all you need do is add a few favourite stores and a few categories and then selecting the “My Discounts” link shows you those stores and categories of codes. Not rocket science but made unreasonably difficult by the interface. The other thing that I don’t get on the site is the use of synonyms for the various concepts. Codes, bargain, vouchers and coupons, discounts and deals seem to all be used interchangeably as well as sign in, register and log in. This lack of coherence is jarring.

The process of claiming your bargain/discount/deal/voucher etc. is also a bit confusing. Clicking some links takes you to the stores promo page and also pops up box to give Picodi your email address. Other links have promo codes that must be entered on the voucher box on the stores “checkout” page.

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On the whole, Picodi.co.za gives is a voucher etc. aggregator, which gives the impression that it is half finished and doesn’t quiet know how to monetize itself. I’m not sure of the advantages of using the site as they add very little beyond what you could get by going to the online store directly. Interesting concept but poorly executed. Hope they get it together because it’s a good idea and Internationally has been very successful.




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