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Hellopeter is South Africa’s top reviews company.

Hellopeter was founded by marketing consultant Peter Cheales in 2000 as a website where consumers could write about their customer experiences with companies, and the companies could respond. Since most people want to write about bad experiences, the site quickly became a place for people to air their grievances about poor service from companies they often felt helpless against.

The site was sold to a consortium of South African and international entrepreneurs in 2014 and has continued to grow into the largest company review and customer service companies in the country.

Hellopeter acts as a middleman for consumers and businesses alike. Moving away from being a complaints based site it now asks consumers to review the service delivery of big and small South African companies. From the huge players, till the plumber down the road. Visitors to the site can use these reviews {and complaints) to gauge whether a company or service is legitimate and whether it is serious about customer service. Checking the reviews of online shops at Hellopeter is a good way to gauge whether you are getting a good deal, and whether they will keep the promises they make with regards to warranties, returns and refunds.

Hellopeter has a huge number of big and small companies listed in 44 categories such as advertising & marketing, air travel, consumer goods, home improvement, hospitality. life insurance, medical aid and retail. The biggest companies in South Africa are not spared, and you will find the likes of Vodacom, MTN,  Pennypinchers, Debonaires, Spur and more.

The relationship is not one-sided. Companies that are in the firing line can take advantage of user feedback to better understand their customers, build trust, and manage their reputation. To facilitate this, Hellopeter is positioning itself as a data and tech partner for businesses by providing them with a suite of tools and products dedicated to assisting in tracking, managing, improving and reporting on their customer service. They provide a centralized platform called the Customer Services Reputation Management platform, which integrates the customer complaint/review process and allows companies to promote and advertise their services to the Hellopeter community.

This is a win-win in as it makes it easy for users to interact with some of SA’s top companies on an independent platform, while also connecting them to brands with high reputations and commitment to delivery. After all, it would be senseless for a company that is obviously making a mess of it, to pay to use Hellopeter’s information network to advertise to people who will use the same network to “out” them.

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You need to register as a user to post a complaint or review on Hellopeter. You have the option of a filling in a traditional form, or logging in using your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Hellopeter has a blog where you can find helpful articles and news. If you need to contact them there is a contact form on the website.

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