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Browse your favourite catalogues in one place, and compare products  on special from all the major retailers in South Africa.

Guzzle is an aggregation portal that lists paper and digital catalogs from hundreds of major retailers in South Africa. What Guzzle does is to capture over 20 000 products that are on special each week. When the specials expire, they do it all over again. By focusing only on items at special prices, Guzzle provides the easiest way to browsing all catalogue promotions in South Africa. This means that you – the consumer – scan save time and money by finding the best deal on the items you are looking for.

There are over 200 retailers listed on Guzzle including Clicks, Builders, Musica, MTN, Cell C, Pick n Pay, Dion Wired, Trappers and Pick n Pay Hyper.

Items listed are broken up into various categories to make it easy to find what you want. These are; books, music &DVD’s, electronics, cellular, computers, clothing, footwear, furniture, groceries, health & beauty, indoor living, jewellery, outdoor living, pets, sport goods, toys, kids & baby.

When visiting Guzzle, the website attempts to determine your location and shows you only the deals within a certain radius. This way, you are able to see only the most relevant deals from stores with a retail presence near you. There is also an option to manually select your location if you want to throw your net wider.

You  can register with Guzzle and receive their newsletter which keeps you up to date on the latest catalogues. A great feature is that you can tailor the newsletter to allow you to monitor specific types of products over a certain time period. When the types of items you are monitoring are on special, you get an email.

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For more to do, there is a Guzzle blog with current events, family, finance, funnies, competitions, recipes and more.

Remember that Guzzle does not buy or sell anything. Their job is to let you know exactly which retailer you should visit to get what you are looking for. Guzzle exists purely for you the consumer. There is no customer support but if you have questions you can contact them on the site or use one of the Social Media channels.

You can find Guzzle on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube

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