Free email, Vodamail, MTNloaded or Gmail

Looking for a free email account?

If you are Vodacom or MTN customer, you can set up free email accounts, or you can go the route millions have, and set up a Gmail account.

More Help:

Go here if you want to set up your cellphone or PC to receive mail

Go here if you want to set up Outlook Express for Vodamail, MTN mail or Gmail

For any other email related question, leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP


Setting up Vodacom email

Vodacom allows every Prepaid, Top Up and Contract subscriber to register an email account. Setting up is fairly simple.
From your cell:

  • dial *111#
  • reply “device set-up” or “settings”
  • reply “WAP settings” – WAP settings are sent to your cellphone and sets up the internet APN
  • dial *111# again
  • reply “next”
  • reply “email”
  • reply “1” – you will receive the dialogue “The link to your mailbox will be delivered soon….”

A  push SMS is delivered to your phone with the WAP link to the website. Click the link, and it will take you to the site. Then follow the procedure for set-up from your PC.

From your PC:

Contract and Top Up subscribers can access the Vodamail website. Point your browser to (note the https:// denoting a secure site). Click “register now“. Enter your cell number and click “next”. Now select the lower option “Free 3GB Mailbox” and “register“. You should see the dialogue “Thank you for subscribing to the Vodacom Email service. An SMS with your username and password will be send to you shortly.” A few moments later you should get a SMS with details of your username and password for the Vodamail site. You will notice that for now your email address is in the format “”. Log into your account. Once in your account there is an array of things you can do including changing our password and setting up an alias that you can use as your email address instead of the number.


Setting up MTN email

MTN has made life a bit easier and a bit more difficult.

First you need to register with MyMTN. There seems to be a way to do this on their site, but with obscure menu’s and slow loading pages, I gave up. Instead dial 0831237277 from your phone and follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter a 4 digit PIN number. This is NOT your SIM PIN, but any numbers you will be sure to remember. Better still, write them down. You can now go to the MTN Homepage and click on “User Login/Register” at the top right. A pop up box allows you to enter your cellphone number and the PIN. Click “Login” to access your MyMTN account. This allows you to set up various MTN services and to see account and data service balances.

To get email you need to go another step. Point your browser to (note the https:// again). Select the text option below the “Log In” button, “Don’t have an account? Sign up.”. Click this. Now enter your cell number and click “Continue”. Now you will have to choose a password (one you can remember or WRITE IT DOWN). You will receive a SMS with the SMS code you need to fill in. Click “Sign up” and you will be taken to the login screen. Log In and you will notice your inbox has a mail in it, “Welcome to the new MTN loaded Email”. Read this as it contains info and help you need. You can go to the “my account” option on the left menu to change your password or set up an alias.


Setting up Google Gmail


Did you know?

Gmail’s built in spam filters mean that their free email has been judged the least spammy account available beating competitors like Yahoo, Fastmail, AIM, Zoho, iCloud and Hotmail.

Google has made this process very easy. Open a Google search window ( Click on the text link “Gmail” on the top left and then click the “Create an account” button on the right (or click on the image above). Fill in the details requested. The hardest will be finding a user name that is not taken and simple enough to use. You have to set up a security question and answer. You also need a recovery email address in case you forget your gmail password. Finally, near the bottom of the form is a word verification to prove you are a real person. Click “I accept. Create my account” to continue. Click “Go to my inbox” or “show me my account” to bypass the promo screens and viola, you are in your email account. The emails in the inbox are full of information from the Google administrators. The “settings” text link that allows you to change various things in gmail is at the top right of the window. There are many options so don’t go there unless you want to spend some time figuring out what is what.


***Still stuck? Visit  the social awareness site, “We Are Visible” and watch a video on how to set up a Gmail account!***



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14 Responses to Free email, Vodamail, MTNloaded or Gmail

  1. flytrap says:

    OK, lets walk through that procedure again.Go to and click the “Forgot password” text link. Enter your cellphone number where indicated and press submit. you will now receive an “one time pin number” on your cellphone that you must enter to validate your phone. Once done, the system will SMS you your new password. Just enter your phone number and new password to enter your mailbox. To change your password to something you will remember click the link at the top right of the mailbox and follow the prompts. Remember to use a password that you will remember, with letters and numbers for better security. Nothing obvious though.

  2. mosetsanagape molefe says:

    i have forgetten my password and ever since i’ve not been able to access my emails.i’ve allready tried following the link of forgetten password and seems to be getting no where, please help

  3. flytrap says:

    Stanza, you need to set up an alias to the number (your cell number). Log into your Vodacom email and in the left menu select “settings” to open the setting window Now select the “alias” tab. Where it says “verify alias” type in an alternative name. If the alias is not available (someone else is using it maybe) then the box will go red, otherwise just click “add alias” and it will be added to the list box below. You can have up to 5 aliases. Next you have to select the alias you created in the list box, and click “make default” on the right to make it your default email address. Doing this ensures that people receiving mail from you will see the alias and not the number. Click “save” on the bottom of the window to exit

  4. Stanza says:

    How can I make my email address begin with a word instead of numbers?

  5. flytrap says:

    Not enough info Nisa and you don’t give me an alternative contact. Assuming you can’t get into your mail, I can’t reply to your email address! I will repeat what I have said before though. Check username and password, try to figure out if anything has changed (SIM cancelled, swappped etc) Call customer support or give me more details and another way to contact you.

  6. nisa mahomed says:

    i cannot seem to access my email on my phone (nokia n8) or my pc, please can you help me, URGENT

  7. flytrap says:

    Allen, since you are on Vodacom, read the comment to Nancy just below yours.

  8. i would to create an aliase for my e-mail thankyou

  9. flytrap says:

    Go to your Vodacom webmail box ( and login. On the menu in the left sidebar select “Settings” and then the “Alias” tab. Where it says “Verify Alias” you can type a name you want to use for your email. Click “Add Alias”. If it is available the mail alias will be shown in the box below else you must try another name. Now click on the alias in the box to highlight it and click the “Set as Default” button to the right of the box. Go to the “Display Name” tab to change the name that others will see when they get your mail and click “Save” to save the changes and exit.

  10. nancy says:

    how do i change my name so that my cell no is not shown

  11. Karina says:

    I hav not been able2 set up my BB email4 almost 2wks.Nothing helps-tried calling customer care several times& still nothing

  12. flytrap says:

    Ezile, each phone manufacturer and model has a slightly different setup for email. You need to phone your service provider for help. You can get some idea of the setup for a Samsung phone by reading

  13. ezile maphikwana says:

    i want to have an email accout in my phone

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