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The Debonaires Pizza franchise takes the fuss out of getting your pizza by allowing you to order online.

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Debonairs Pizza is part of Famous Brands (formerly Steers Group) and was established in 1991 by two university students in Pietermaritzburg. Debonairs was acquired in 1996 by Famous Brands (which also owns Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, House of Coffees, Steers, Fishaways, Milky Lane and a bunch of others)  giving it access to the best support system available in the fast food franchising industry in South Africa.

The idea of ordering your pizza online is pretty intriguing. As far as I can see, Debonaires is the only pizza franchise to have an online ordering service. Sure Domino’s, Romans and Scooters allow you to phone in an order but …

Debonaires list their full menu on the site, the prices are the same as if you walked in to the shop, there is no chance someone gets your order wrong, you can pay with your credit card, and you can see what you ordered the last time. Debonaires prices compare well to other pizza franchises and they always have some promotions to make things interesting.Their pizza is very tasty and I have yet to be disappointed in my local store although I will admit, having a background in restaurants, I will not order during peak hours or during holidays. That is a recipe for having a bad experience.

Sign-up is quick and easy and although they ask your name and email, the order system is driven by your cellphone number. On registration a verification code is sent to your mobile number to ensure that you can be contacted. This is the number used as your log in for the account, and to send confirmations and notifications. The account allows you to opt-in to be notified of specials, discount vouchers and restaurant promotions by email and SMS, and you can track recent orders.

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Ordering online is easy. When you start your order you can choose collection or delivery. If you want delivery, you’ll need to enter your address to check the distance from the store. A minimum order of R50 is needed to qualify for free delivery and it must be within 5km radius of the restaurant you are ordering from. If there is no branch near enough to you, then you have pay  for delivery, go with the collection option or abandon the whole enterprise. The full menu is online and when you click on an item, it starts your order and brings up a sub-menu with further choices. Everything you could choose in-store, and probably didn’t know about, is there. You can also schedule your order for a certain time.

Payment can be made online with a credit card, cash on delivery, or credit card on delivery. There is an option to include the drivers tip on your credit card.

When I first signed up I had my doubts about the process of ordering a pizza online, but this is now my preferred way to get an order from Debonaires. The entire system is quick, and efficient and you get a SMS messages to confirm the order, any delays, and estimated delivery times. The system only allows you to order when the selected branch is open.

If you want to return your pizza … hah, just kidding … Debonaires has a “Hot or Not” dot on each box. If you receive your pizza, and the dot is red, your pizza’s hot and fresh (well at least hot), if it’s black your pizza’s FREE.

The entire online ordering service is really good and since the shop service where I stay is excellent, it makes for a great experience (see note about peak times and holidays above). I know a lot of the delivery drivers (I drive for a company myself) so I may be a bit biased, as it is often someone I am friendly with bringing me pizza.

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A really good service, that makes ordering a pizza from Debonaires quick and simple. The only problem is if you don’t stay close to a a store. Don’t forget to tip your delivery guy 🙂


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