South African Group Buying sites

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Welcome to the listing of South African Group Buying sites.

If you don’t now what Group Buying is all about, go here.



Groupon – MyCityDeal

Groupon is the biggest international group buying company and recently bought  South African group buying site Twangoo. Groupon is the survivor of the battle for this niche having swallowed comnpetitors in the US and Europe. The result is that they have real power to get great deals. An incredible 11 cities covered including Soweto.


Single daily deal. Yawn.


Great idea, love wine. You have to regisater and sign into this site before you can see the deals.

Unbuntu Discount Deals

Another pretty and easy to use site. 6 cities covered.

Wicount Deals

Wicount covers 4 cities.


A deal site with an emphasis on technology including 24 hour only deals.

Group Buying aggregators collect all the best daily deals in one place. Click here for the GetValue list of  aggregator sites.



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4 Responses to South African Group Buying sites

  1. DealScout says:

    We’ve just launched an aggregator in the daily deal space called DealScout ( It consolidates deals from South Africa’s top group buying websites, and then based on your preferences, shows you only the deals they want to see.

    We have a comprehensive selection of deals from all of SA’s major cities, with a massive selection in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

    We have a mobile site ( and also a daily email.

  2. flytrap says:

    Thanks James. Great to see Social Buying aggregators. I hate having to scan each of the different sites just to find I don’t even like the deals.

  3. James says:

    If you enjoy group buying or social buying but don’t want to have to sign up to tens of the daily deals websites, then I suggest you check out “Dealafrica” ( because it really is a great website (not just because it belongs to a friend of mine) but because it has a great layout, it’s easy to use and it’s Free!

  4. Rob says:

    If you like group buying and would like to get all the deals in South Africa give a shot to

    With DealZone you can select the cities and categories that are relevant to you and get a daily email with only your deals.