Capitec, the cheapest bank account in SA

Tired of paying high bank charges for depositing and withdrawing your own money?


Open a Capitec Global One account


For years my wife had a cheque account but after she stopped working, she kept her account and still paid monthly fees. With no deposits into her account, this meant I had to pay into the account to keep it open! So she closed the account. Then, when she did earn her own money, she had no place to put it.
What was needed was to find the cheapest bank in South Africa.Capitec was the answer, and it takes just 20 minutes to open a Capitec Global One account.

Lowest Bank Charges

Initially Capitec Bank was a project of the PSG Group called Keynes Rational, which operated as a specialist microlending company. Keynes Rational was restructured as part of The Business Bank (acquired by PSG in March 1999) to obtain a retail banking licence. This resulted in Capitec Bank Holdings Limited being established on March 1, 2001. Capitec listed on the JSE on February 18, 2002.

Capitec was rated Top Company of 2007 by Financial Mail. This achievement is more astonishing since 2007 was its debut year in the “FM’s Top Companies” rankings.



Capitec charges a monthly admin fee of only R4.50. Cash withdrawals are not possible in the branch, but from their ATM they cost R4.30. Point-of-sale terminal cash withdrawals from Pick ‘n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers or Pep cost R1.00. Withdrawals at other banks ATM’s are R7.00. Balance inquiries and retail debit-card purchases are free. The moral of the story, draw cash from retailers using the debit card

Capitec Global One


Cheques are a problem since you have to deposit them at a Capitec branch and there may not be one nearby. Electronic Transfers from other banks are no problem clearing in the standard 1-3 days. Capitec also has Internet banking and Cellphone  banking facilities with no monthly charge. Click here for more on rates and fees.

The latest innovation from Capitec is that their branches are open on Sundays.

We were so impressed with the service, convenience, simplicity and low charges that myself and my two sons now also have Capitec accounts.

>>> Find the closest Capitec branch now! <<<


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