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South Africa’s largest online marketplace with auctions and fixed price sales.

Launched in August 1999, was the original South African online auction site modeled after the likes of e-Bay. Today, it is a massive online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything through online auctions and fixed price sales.

What sets bidorbuy apart is the sheer volume and range of goods listed. There are 33 categories including electronics, arts and crafts, cars, clothing, property, games, gardens, hobbies, health  etc.

The majority of goods sold on bidorbuy are new items, as opposed to second-hand goods. The ratio of fixed price listings relative to auction listings is on the increase. bidorbuy has millions of shoppers bidding, buying and making offers to thousands of sellers via 24/7 through the website, mobi site and bidorbuy mobile ap.

To transact on bidorbuy you need to register an account which is quick and painless. Now you can sell the surfboard lurking in the back of the garage (just work out how to ship it!) or buy a Yellow-wood wine cabinet.

To sell goods or services you create a sales listing. Sellers sets a start time, end time, pricing information and provide a detailed description and images for the items they are selling. Other users can then browse the site and bid on or buy items they are interested in. Should there be a sale, the bidorbuy system puts the buyer and seller in contact with each other. It is up to the parties to conclude the deal, which involves arranging payment and shipment of the goods. bidorbuy charges the seller a commission of between one and five percent on all successful sales (except for high ticket items such as cars and properties, where only a flat listing fee per item is charged).

If you are a serious seller aor want to set up an e-commerce version of your bricks-and-mortar shop, you can become a verified seller and list your inventory on bidorbuy. To help you through the process there are plenty of help files in the knowledgebase, a forum and regular live seminars.

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At  bidorbuy you can pay by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, bobPay, PayPal or direct deposit to the seller.

bidorbuy is just the broker for the deal, delivery charges, returns and guarantee’s all fall to the seller. A noted, these have to be specified when a sale is created on the system. A message system allows buyers to ask questions from the seller about their product. The rating system allows buyers and sellers to rate each other and make comments and this helps to establish legitimacy on both sides.

For further peace-of-mind the bidorbuy buyer protection program covers you up to 100% in the event that something goes wrong with your purchase.

So visit bidorbuy now and get started!

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